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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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The real question here is WHY seemingly "kill" Janeway
Well, for about three or four years, there'd been a barrage of anti-ST tie-in fiction sentiments on the TrekBBS saying that Marco Palmieri and Margaret Clark, as then-editors, "didn't have the balls to kill off a main character". Fans complaining that fans only dismissed all tie-ins because tie-ins were always too constrained by what they could do. A small percentage of ST fans, sure, and not able to represent "all fans", but vocal and not necessarily correct.

Not that Margaret was specifically responding to those complaints, but the ST Relaunches were already playing with the ways they could stretch the premises of each show as they left the first-run airwaves. Killing off a main character always gives DC Comics and Marvel a huge spike in readership, and many of these curious (or jaded) fans often stay on, hooked by other ongoing subplots, or enjoying the fallout as the characters struggle to come to grips with the new status quo, or waiting for the inevitable resurrection.

Kirk was already dead (and already resurrected twice by Shatner). Sisko had just returned to the DS9 Relaunch. Admiral Janeway had been promoted off her ship by "Nemesis", the VOY Relaunch was lying fallow, and Janeway was Starfleet's highest ranking expert in the Borg - and had just been part of the TNG Relaunch for an arc of nine novels. It still seems, to me, a natural but brave choice to kill her off, thus garnering lots of free publicity (which it did) and attracting lots of new (and jaded) readers to the next/current batch of VOY novels (which it did).

to take her away from the main action as a serious plot device
"Nemesis" had already taken her out of VOY.

unless they are already planning to bring her back in a future novel?
No plans, just opening endless possibilities.

Why do it at all...
All of the above. And because they could. And because, while VOY and 24th century ST was on the air, they couldn't.

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