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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

I'm surprised no ones picked up on this yet:

The first James Bond film in four years. Daniel Craig returns. Sam Mendes directs. We get Javier Bardem AND Ralph Fiennes as bad guys. And we get to see the characters of Miss Moneypenny and Q come into this iteration of the franchise. Yeah, I'm excited for SKYFALL. The story - about a downed intel satellite and the scrambling of various government agencies to retrieve it - seems genuinely different than the plots we're used to. But Craig has brought to Bond the grit and grim that i've wanted ever since I saw my first Bond film (FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, if you're curious). I think Craig is the best version of the character yet - and yes, I've seen, and love, the Connery films - and I'd bet that Ian Fleming didn't figure on how this character has stayd so cool throughout the years. SKYFALL may just be what Bond fans have been waiting for.
Pay special attention to the part I bolded. Quite interesting if true.

Incidentally, that snippet was taken from
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