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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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A lot of my favorite characters have been killed off in TV shows and books before.
As for ST, I'd say all of my favourites have been killed off: Spock, Data, Jadzia, Janeway, Trip, and a few favourite background characters in the novels.

In the wider SF media: Robin, Golden Eagle, Martin in "V: The Series", Superman...

Traumatic at the time, refreshing for the main story, and bittersweet when/if they return.

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And unfortunately I must admit that I often become nasty when I'm angry and frustrated.
You can get help for that.

Why not try writing your "nasty" post, but then clean it up by putting a more positive swing to it - and clicking "Submit Reply" only after you've removed any nastiness. If you're feeling hurt, don't inflict hurt back onto others.

You really can be in control of what you say online. And you might find your attitude in real life becomes generally more positive.

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they could have demoted her...
You know what people would have said, "Finally, they promoted a major, ongoing female character into the Admiralty and what do the idiot novelists do? Demote her!"
Get help?
Maybe I should try with this: "Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody. Help! You know I need someone. Heeeelp!

When I was younger etc...."

Anyway, I can be a very friendly and charming person too! Most of the time I'm regarded as such.

Not to mention that I took the opportunity to take a look at your Andorian site. Very good! I like the Andorians and it's nice to get some information about them.

As for demoting Janeway, I can see your point. But such a move would do away with Janeway having to spend most of her time behind a desk and instead be out in space and explore.
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