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An individual's life is not structured at all. It is usually an act of imagination to superimpose a narrative on it. It is in fact such a truism that most people will stenuously deny that there are any patterns or narratives in social life, i.e, history!
I'm reading two contradictory arguments here. Are you saying that life isn't structured at all? Or, are you stating that people aren't willing to admit that structure (i.e. history) exists?

People who like to spend a great deal of time discussing their personal history are well known to us in daily life however. They are usually avoided as being extremely boring.
If you say so.

characters like Torres, Paris, the Doctor, Neelix, even a minor character like Kim just didn't act the same way at the end as at the beginning. It was in fact the characters who underwent the most drastic changes whose changes were the least plausible, namely, Kes and Seven of Nine.
You skip Chatokay, Tuvok, and Janeway -- I assume because those characters are pretty static for seven years. You'll have to make the argument that Kim undergoes much change. Despite an episode like "The Disease" he's almost always the wet behind the ears ensign that he starts out as in "Caretaker." The Doctor, of course, underwent a lot of growth and change in seven years. It's no surprise that he's the series' standout character.

The unspoken hope, even to oneself, is for a character who can vicariously live out the daydreams. The constant recurrence of tacit or explicit references and comparisons to DS9 happens because DS9 ended up committed to that kind of character "development."
If Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was committed to wish fulfillment, then Sisko joining the prophets, Bashir being genetically enhanced, and Odo leading his species would simply have been played as "awesome!" moments. Instead, we get Sisko being forced to leave his young family, Bashir's abilities being an embarrassing secret, and Odo having to part with his partner, Kira.
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