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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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The downtime in this game is starting to annoy me. Seems they take EVERYTHING down quite often, don't get why that is if they let you patch the game every time you play.

I try and log in for 5 min in the morning before work to swap out my DOFF missions, and it's been 50/50 whether the game will even load. And when it's down, they also take down their website, which makes no sense...
Yeah, I was thinking that the other day. I'm not allowed to take a server down without a few weeks of advance notice to the users (unless it's an emergency). However, Cryptic sometimes gives you a 5 minute warning.

Update - I don't mind the outages as long as they are posted. Patches and tweeks need to be made. I just hate receiving an unplanned "The server is going down in 5 minutes." message when I'm 90% complete on a mission. Several hours later when the server returns, I'm back near the start of the mission, my bridge officers are unassigned and all my ship controls are ganked up. :-/

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