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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Cryptic is having a Last-Chance-Sale before F2P.
20% on pretty much everything.
Since a lot of prices will change and likely go up (esspecially ships T3+) now is your chance to get them cheap.
I know, I will buy the Intrepid and Defiant class at least.

It't won't be the last sale ever, but 20% now is better then 20% later (so pray we won't have a 50% sale soon!!!!).
I bought most of the things that I wanted back when someone said that Cryptic would end account wide item purchases.

On another note, my TrekBBS toon, Doc Lee was able to complete the Delta Volanis Colonial Chain assignments and picked up a Blue Doctor as a reward. (For some reason, I was expecting purple.) It's good to get a Blue DOFF but kind of a let down since he already had a Blue Doctor. He's running one of the post Colonial Chain assignments which is suppose to give a Purple DOFF if he gets a critical success.
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