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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I think Voyager was made for the next generation, just like TNG and DS9 was made for ours. Many of the die hard Voyager fans are aware of the flaws and don't care.
DS9 and Voyager ran concurrently, and I am a member of this nebulous "Next Generation" (tighr: est. 1983).

I vastly prefer DS9's serialized storytelling to Voyager's episodic. Arguably, a serialized format actually makes more sense for a show like Voyager with an established endgame. (Unless you consider Bajor's admittance to the Federation as an established endgame, that show could have just as easily continued after that event took place).
I always found DS9 to be more of "The Story of Sisko" than anything to do with Bajor. Bajor joining the Feds. was just a catalyst to get him out there IMPOV..

Frankly, I find Voyager fun. I think Trek needed a little fun thrown it because it takes itself too seriously. Besides Riker and Dax nobody from the TNG or DS9 crew knew what fun was, even on vacation. The Voyager crew made work seem like fun and not a burden. Nobody but Quark ever seemed to truly like what they did. They were honored but never thrilled.

Too put it simply, I liked TNG & DS9 because it's serious.
I like Voyager because I can allow my mind to go on vacation and enjoy.
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