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Re: Does It Get Better???

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There have been several times in ALL the series were severe traumatic events are forgotten by the next episode with no lasting effects in any series.
This is certainly true. Where I'm afraid we differ is that I don't think Star Trek: Voyager was the same occasional offender as every other series in the franchise (excluding the original series, which was produced in a different era).

To put it simply, episodic amnesia wasn't an occasional conceit of a television series on Star Trek: Voyager -- it was the modus operandi of the program.
I think Voyager was made for the next generation, just like TNG and DS9 was made for ours. Many of the die hard Voyager fans are aware of the flaws and don't care. I think it's ok to step back and simply say, "Voyager just wasn't geared toward me." and not be bitter towards it.(not saying you're bitter, just generally speaking)
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