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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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Voyager was supposed to be an ensemble show and you're right about that it wasn't just about Janeway. but that's no reason for ditching the character.
You don't know how the decision to reduce Janeway's involvement in the post-finale Voyager narrative or the decision to ultimately remove her from the picture entirely was arrived at, so you really ought not to be passing judgment on why/how said decisions were arrived at. I also disagree with this notion that they 'ditched' the character of Janeway.

I supopse that you're referring to herb promotion to admiral and the continuating scenario in Golden's books. But that's no excuse either for annihilating the character. They could have demoted her or made her the same kind of admiral as Kirk was in the movies. She could still have been in command of Voyager. If Janeway was shoved aside in Golden's books, all that could have been changed without killing off the character.
Given that Golden's books take place, chronologically, BEFORE the events of Nemesis, her promotion to Admiral in Homecoming was done in order to sync up the post-finale Voyager fiction with the character's 'future' as shown in that film.

Regarding what the editors of the post-finale Voyager fiction could/should've done, that really isn't up to you to either decide or determine. You can disagree with what they did, but that doesn't change the fact that they did it, and criticizing them because of the decisions they made - at least with the degree of harshness that you and others have - honestly strikes me as silly and sad.

Kes and Neelix are also missing.
It has yet to be seen if Neelix will have a role to play in future Voyager stories, but he has a small part to play in both Unworthy and Children of the Storm.

Chakotay was replaced by Eden, right? And why? To have a new female captain? Reil weird that they dump the best female captain Star Trek has ever seen just to replace her with another female captain. And no other female captain can replace Janeway when it comes to skill and all that. Whatever they throw in will be a weak copy.
As I said in my response to your first and third points, you have no idea how/why the decision to introduce the character of Eden was made, so you really have no basis for judging said decision(s).

I wasn't pointing at you in my previous statement even if it does surprise me that you state that you are a fan of Janeway, still you find it great that she's been killed off. What I was pointing at were all those people who didn't care for Voyager earlier on, all of a sudden showing up, praising the current direction of the books and express their happiness over Janeway being dumped.
You really don't get it, do you? It isn't your place to determine whether or not I'm a 'real' fan of Kathryn Janeway simply because I had a much different reaction to her 'death' than you did.
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