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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

And my complete list of movies seen this year, which has been dominated by television shows, so it's not nearly as many as I saw in 2010...

58 were seen in theatres, the rest on home video.

1. Walk Hard (A) BLU
2. Adamís Rib (B) DVD
3. Thereís Always Tomorrow (B) DVD
4. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (C-) DVD
5. Lady in the Dark (C+) 35mm
6. Moon (A) BLU
7. The Social Network (A-) BLU
8. North by Northwest (A) BLU
9. All of Me (B-) DVD
10. Raw Deal [1948] (B-) DVD
11. The Green Hornet (D+) 35mm
12. Following (B+) DVD
13. The Road to Yesterday (D-) 35mm
14. Lethal Weapon (B) DVD
15. Action Jackson (C) DVD
16. Blade Runner (A) BLU
17. Galaxy Quest (A) BLU
18. Inception (B+) BLU
19. Invasion of the Body Snatchers [1978] (A) BLU
20. Notorious (B-) DVD
21. In a Lonely Place (A) 35mm
22. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt [1956] (D+) 35mm
23. The Servant (B) DVD
24. Videodrome (A) BLU
25. Johnny Guitar (B) 35mm
26. Rumble Fish (A) DVD
27. Sammy Goes South (B-) 35mm
28. The Parallax View (B-) DVD
29. Grosse Point Blank (B-) DVD
30. The Shining (C+) DVD
31. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (C-) BLU
32. Back to the Future (A) BLU
33. My Sister, My Love (D) 16mm
34. The Arrival (B) BLU
35. Shutter Island (B-) BLU
36. Knocked Up (B) DVD
37. Madonna: Truth Or Dare (B+) 35mm
38. Adventureland (A) BLU
39. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (A) BLU
40. The Fugitive (A-) BLU
41. Dark City (A) BLU
42. Food of the Gods (F) DVD
43. The American (A) BLU
44. Invictus (B+) BLU
45. Unstoppable (C+) BLU
46. Knight and Day (B-) BLU
47. Robin Hood (B+) BLU
48. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (B+) DVD
49. The War Room (A-) DVD
50. Paul (B) 35mm
51. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (A-) 70mm
52. 2001: A Space Odyssey (A) 70mm
53. Young Frankenstein (A) 35mm
54. The Producers (B+) 35mm
55. Source Code (A-) 35mm
56. 2010: The Year We Make Contact (B-) BLU
57. The Public Enemy (B-) DVD
58. Black Swan (C+) BLU
59. Team America: World Police (B-) DVD
60. Bullets or Ballots (A-) DVD
61. Fat City (B+) 35mm
62. Beginning of the End (F) DVD
63. The Prestige (B-) DVD
64. Sleep Dealer (A-) BLU
65. Trading Places (B-) DVD
66. The King of New York (C-) DVD
67. Up (A) BLU
68. Specter of the Rose (C) 35mm
69. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (B) DVD
70. They Drive By Night (B+) DVD
71. Hot Tube Time Machine (C+) DVD
72. Never Let Me Go (B) BLU
73. Salt (D) DVD
74. The Roaring Twenties (B) DVD
75. Easy A (B-) DVD
76. Dr. Strangelove (A) BLU
77. CSA: Confederate States of America (B) DVD
78. Sgt. Bilko (C+) DVD
79. The Man Who Copied (A) DVD
80. The Thing (A) BLU
81. The Yakuza (A) DVD
82. Dreams with Sharp Teeth (B+) DVD
83. Death of a Pigeon on Beethoven Street (D) 35mm
84. Performance (B-) DVD
85. Star Wars (A) DVD
86. Captain Milkshake (C+) 35mm
87. Some Like it Hot (A-) DVD
88. The Hangover (B) BLU
89. The Informant! (A) BLU
90. Inside Job (B+) BLU
91. The Hangover: Part II (C-) 35mm
92. Bridesmaids (B+) 35mm
93. High Sierra (B) 35mm
94. The Roaring Twenties (A-) 35mm
95. Super 8 (B+) 35mm
96. TRON: Legacy (B-) BLU
97. The Tree of Life (A) 35mm
98. Singiní in the Rain (A) DVD
99. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Extended (A) BLU
100. The Mark of Zorro [1920] (C-) DVD
101. Transformers (D) BLU
102. The Kid (B-) DVD
103. Sunrise (B-) DVD
104. Planet of the Apes (A) BLU
105. Trouble in Paradise (B) DVD
106. Footlight Parade (C+) DVD
107. Green Lantern (C) 35mm
108. Tabloid (B+) 35mm
109. The Kingís Speech (B) DVD
110. Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. (A-) DVD
111. Stagecoach (B-) BLU
112. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (A-) DVD
113. Star Crash (F) BLU
114. The Man Who Fell to Earth (C+) 35mm
115. Citizen Kane (A) DVD
116. Casablanca (A) BLU
117. The Best Years of Our Lives (B+) DVD
118. eXistenZ (C) DVD
119. Sullivanís Travels (B-) DVD
120. Sunset Blvd. (A) DVD
121. Beneath the Planet of the Apes (B-) BLU
122. On the Waterfront (B) DVD
123. Rear Window (A-) DVD
124. Captain America: The First Avenger (B) 35mm
125. The Godfather (A-) BLU
126. After Last Season (F) DVD
127. Annie Hall (A) DVD
128. Get Shorty (B) DVD
129. The Kid Stays in the Picture (B+) DVD
130. Blow Out (B+) BLU
131. Days of Heaven (B+) BLU
132. Restless (C+) 35mm
133. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (A) BLU
134. Escape from the Planet of the Apes (B) BLU
135. Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (B+) BLU
136. The Gunfight at the OK Corral (B+) 35mm
137. Oranges and Sunshine (B-) 35mm
138. Youth in Revolt (B+) DVD
139. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (A-) 35mm
140. These Amazing Shadows (B+) DVD
141. The People vs. Larry Flint (B) DVD
142. The Birdcage (B) DVD
143. Take Shelter (B+) 35mm
144. Michael Clayton (A) BLU
145. Wall Street (B) BLU
146. The Change-Up (D-) DVD
147. Crazy Stupid Love (B+) 35mm
148. L.A. Confidential (A-) BLU
149. When Harry Met Sally (A-) DVD
150. Tombstone (C+) BLU
151. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [1941] (C) 16mm
152. Cold Souls (B-) DVD
153. Drive (A) 35mm
154. The Debt (B-) 35mm
155. Conan OíBrien Canít Stop (B) DVD
156. Contagion (B) 35mm
157. 1941 (B-) 35mm
158. Gone with the Wind (C-) 35mm
159. Take Shelter (B) 35mm
160. Dirty Girl (B) 35mm
161. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (A) BLU
162. Moneyball (B) 35mm
163. The Killer Inside Me (D+) BLU
164. Sappho (D) 35mm
165. Airplane II: The Sequel (C+) DVD
166. Hellraiser: Hellworld (D-) DVD
167. The Ides of March (B-) 35mm
168. In Darkness (A) 35mm
169. Maverick (A-) DVD
170. Winchester í73 (B-) 35mm
171. Best Worst Movie (B+) DVD
172. Ministry of Fear (C+) 35mm
173. Saint (B) BLU
174. Winnebago Man (A-) DVD
175. Jackie Brown (A) BLU
176. The Return of the Pink Panther (B-) DVD
177. Carnage (B) 35mm
178. V For Vendetta (C+) BLU
179. Tootsie (C) DVD
180. IMPOLEX (C-) 35mm
181. Tyrannosaur (A) 35mm
182. The Descendants (B-) 35mm
183. The Fly (A) 35mm
184. Dead Ringers (C+) 35mm
185. The Muppets (A-) 35mm
186. X-Men: First Class (B-) BLU
187. Mimic [Directorís Cut] (C+) BLU
188. Manhattan Murder Mystery (B-) DVD
190. Trumbo (B+) DVD
191. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (C+) BLU
192. The Muppet Movie (A) DVD
193. The Happening (F) DVD
194. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (B+) IMAX
195. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 (C+) BLU
196. Reel Injun (B+) DVD
197. Hannah (B) BLU
198. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (B+) 35mm
199. Win Win (B) BLU
200. The Beaver (B) BLU
201. Capitalism: A Love Story (B-) BLU
202: The Adventures of Tintin (B-) 35mm
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