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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

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...the convoluted ret-coning of "These Are The Voyages" (why 2155 instead of 2161?)
Because TATV doesn't really make sense as a story set in 2161. The script, so I gather, was originally written to take place in 2155 but got hastily rewritten for a 2161 setting when the show was cancelled. And that introduced a number of anomalies. Why has nobody advanced in rank or position in six years? Why has Trip and T'Pol's relationship been in stasis for the same duration? Why is there no mention of the Earth-Romulan War? Why does Deanna say that the alliance established here is just the first step toward the Federation, rather than the actual formation of the Federation itself? The account as presented in the episode doesn't really hold together. It's a better fit to 2155 than it is to the alleged 2161 date. So The Good That Men Do explained those discrepancies by positing that the historical account, like the teleplay, had been adjusted to look like it happened in 2161 rather than the original setting of 2155.
True, TATV is a mess. But I just find it hard to believe that, short of a super computer worm and memory wipes of everyone who would have been studying the war, an amazing Section 31 conspiracy was able to alter the historical record of the ranks of Sato, Reed, and Mayweather, and insert Trip as the chief engineer for six years, just to provide deflection to when exactly he went undercover. Plus To Brave the Storm has Enterprise retired after the Battle of Cheron, while TATV has the ship active for almost another year! It's easy to fake someone's death -- but the whole need to make it fit 2155 rather than 2161 just adds so many additional complications. I think it's easier to believe that potentially Sato et al declined promotions to stay in their current positions (well, VGR didn't really promote people so precedent there) and that T'Pol was very private about her personal life, so that 200 years later the existing records may be ambiguous about her relationship.

Just have Trip fake his death in 2161 to deal with some issue with the Romulans after the end of the war (like the warp 7 project etc) and this becomes far less complicated.

No mention of E-R war -- got me. Could have just not come up. Troi's remark could just mean this is the first step toward the Federation we know today.

I guess I feel the 2161 evil is the lesser evil to the 2155 evil. Plus the 22nd century part of the ENT relaunch never explained why everything had to be doctored to push Trip's "death" forward until 2161.

I just wish the rest of the ENT relaunch had maintained the quality of TGTMD, complications and all.
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