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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am assuming that the events of this episode will never be mentioned again. So, in that sense you could skip over this episode and not miss out on anything..nothing that happens in this episode has any affect on what will happen later on the show)...
The basic story of Voyager is that they are trying to get home. When they get home, the story is over. Everything that happens along the way is filler. This doesn't strike some of us as so bad, as we find that life tends to come at us more like "filler" than a serialized story. Some of the stories in Voyager are coming from a different life experience. The scene in The Chute when they discover what the prison really is, is a dramatization of enlightenment about the world around us, as well as a cool visual. And the prison isn't just a cage for Paris and Kim but the prison of our limited understanding and limited roles in society.
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