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Re: Does It Get Better???

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A couple more Voyager episodes:

Remember: A touching story, but not much more than that. Filler, but good filler.
You found a story about mass genocide just filler?:wtf
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am assuming that the events of this episode will never be mentioned again. So, in that sense you could skip over this episode and not miss out on anything. It's true that you would be missing out on a fine episode, but nothing that happens in this episode has any affect on what will happen later on the show (again, for those of you who have seen the entire show, correct me if I am wrong).
I'm not saying being filler is bad, but when the entire story of the episode hinges on aliens who were just introduced, and who will never be heard from again after this episode, it is a little bit harder to be invested in their plight. In particular, these telepathic aliens aren't all that interesting. The story surrounding them is, but they as an alien species are not. We've seen telepathic aliens dozens of times, so these aliens are nothing new. Some of my favorite filler episode aliens-of-week were the Mediator and his Chorus in "Loud as a Whisper" (TNG), Fear the Clown in "The Thaw", and the aliens in "Darmok" (TNG).
I am just telling you all of this in order to justify my score and reason for calling it filler.
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