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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I am changing my rating for Sacred Ground from a 4 to a 3. On the whole it was just very dull and non profound.
I think it becomes profound after you watch the entire series.

It's faith that makes Janeway believe she can get the crew home.

They presented it as tied into religion but even Atheists believe in faith in themselves.
I'm not going to argue that Sacred Ground is the most exciting Voyager episode but I will say that it portrays an aspect of Janeway's character in a way that is not really repeated again. As exodus points out, we know Janeway possesses faith of a kind (in herself, in her crew, getting home etc), but rarely is that faith demonstrated in quite so overt a manner as it is when she lifts Kes and takes her to the shrine entrance. I also think the 'trials' she invents for herself and the reaction she has to the Doctor's scientific explanation of the cure are rather revealing of her as a character; depth of character, something that Voyager was never big on. For these reasons I think it could be argued that Sacred Ground is a little profound. A little.
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