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WIP - USS Enterprise: the R-Protocol


EYES ONLY / StarFleet Command:
Recognizing the enormous expenditure required to build and equip Enterprise-Class Primary Hulls, StarFleet Command issues the following secondary-protocol in the event of self-destruct order given in event of hostile-takeover, and urges implemenation by all starship-commanders in lieu of absolute destruction of their vessels:

Self-Destruct R-Protocol:
Starship systems will be hardwired.....activated by voice-command.....ForceShields shunt incoming transport of boarding party to Secondary Hull.....airborne nerve-toxin to render comatose boarders whom enter Primary Hull through physical means.....Saucer/Primary Hull separates prior to Secondary Hull destruct-sequence.....nearest Federation StarFleet beacon.....engages impulse-engines and/or maneuvering-thrusters for automatic course-return.....

Incoming StarFleet all-sectors alert from Sigma Five deep-space array:
Signal received from USS Enterprise, NCC-1701. Ship self-destruct activated per
R-for-Robert Protocol. Secondary Hull with engineering section and warp-nacelles jettisoned following engagement with Klingon warship and destroyed in orbit above Genesis Planet. Whereabouts of command and crew unknown.

ALPHA COMMAND AUTHORIZATION - USS Montgomery, NCC-1954, from StarFleet Command:
Priority One Intercept of Primary Hull, USS Enterprise, NCC-1701. Determine cause of Enterprise self-destruct, disposition of crew; undertake all measures necessary to return Primary Hull to secure StarFleet dock-facility.

StarFleet Command from USS Montgomery, NCC-1954: Despite several attempts by Klingon forces to intercept and claim Primary Hull of USS Enterprise, and Genesis-related material in its computer-core, with the aid of StarFleet Taskforce 65 diverted to aid the recovery, Primary Hull has been handed over to StarBase Seventeen Command for spacedock inspection.

StarBase Seventeen, Initial Findings of Inspection:
Primary Hull USS Enterprise, NCC-1701, is generally in good condition in view of recent events, and some creative command-systems alterations by Commander Montgomery Scott. (See separate Report of Findings from StarFleet Intelligence regarding computer-core retrieval protocol, RE: Genesis.) Recommendation: Complete necessary structural-repairs, update all systems on par with current Starships, and mate Primary Hull with new-build secondary hull and warp-drive section.

StarFleet Command from Federation High Council - RE: USS Enteprise, NCC-1701.
A decision has been unanimously arrived upon that, due to the historic significance of this starship in the Federation, and even among our adversaries, that the vessel will not only be rebuilt, but that it shall benefit from any and all resources available to bring it back to operational flagship-status. Selection of commander and crew will be decided following completion of this effort.

StarFleet Command from Starship Construction Division:
Per request regarding upgrades to USS Enterprise, NCC-1701
.....due to the poor showing of USS Excelsior, and Command's decision to revisit its many faults prior to commissioning - along with Excelsior's sister-ships in the construction-cycle - we recommend utilizing sub-systems, secondary hull, and the improved Mk. XIV warp-drive/nacelles from the alternative Enterprise-class replacement, USS Discovery, NX-2001. While this design does not offer the theorized potential for trans-warp as Excelsior, we believe that it's dual nature as a force-projection asset (fourteen phasers, six mega-phasers, fore/aft photon-torpedo launchers, with a wing of fighters and support shuttlecraft) and long-range exploration ship (enhanced sensors and sciences modules an order of magnitude above both Enterprise and Excelsior ship-classes), will benefit probes far beyond Federation borders. The sole necessary interface between
the Enterprise Primary Hull and the Discovery secondary hull/warp-drive dictates a modified dorsal main-pylon. As the Mk.XIV warp-drive has proven markedly
more efficient than the prior installation aboard Enterprise, with a generally smaller volume, it will not be necessary to replace the impulse-engine/crystal
housing of the Primary Hull. If the order is recieved to go forward with these modifications, and as several Discovery-class Secondary Hulls are nearing completion
in the pipeline, the ship should be ready to embark for a shakedown-cruise within two months.

Captain James T. Kirk, from StarFleet Command:
Per the decision of the Federation High Council, you will re-assume command of USS Enterprise, NCC-1701.


I have long concurred with many others that the original Enterprise shouldn't have been destroyed. No less than Gene Roddenberry was angry with the entire turn of events seen in ST III, and had said during production that instead the saucer from the ship be jettisoned, brought back to spacedock, and rebuilt with a new engineering section. And as it worked out in ST IV - replacing the ship with a direct copy - what was the point beyond poor storytelling and the need to blast the ship to pieces for a cheap PR stunt? (How many times could they have Kirk fall out of the Captain's Chair berating "Klingon bastards!" after killing his son?)

Anyway, putting forward (above) my own take on how an alternate scenario would have played out, with a twist to the finale of that particular trilogy - proof that the Enterprise was not truly wiped from existence as believed, and was now a more formidable starship than the cadet-training vessel that had warped out to Regula I.

.....and for those wondering, "R(oddenberry) -Protocol".


The model:

-- R2 1/1000 scale Enterprise Refit kit saucer, nacelle pylons. and deflector assembly.
-- Rebellion Creations 1/1000 USS Discovery (final work on the Discovery saucer in-progress 1/1/12); Secondary Hull with Mk.XIV warp-nacelles. A month solid of kitbashing, scratchbuilding, and tooling the secondary hull dorsal-area from Sculpey. Engineering Hull and Warp-nacelles available as separate sets from

Shots of the parts laid out, and assembly prior to final painting and decals. Using two sets of the aztec decals because of the larger area and size of the parts.

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