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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

I read TGTMD when it first came out, but decided to hold off on reading the rest of the ENT relaunch until the Romulan War "trilogy" was released. During the last two weeks I re-read TGTMD, which despite the convoluted ret-coning of "These Are The Voyages" (why 2155 instead of 2161?) was a good book when it wasn't annoying the freaking hell out of me with its out of place Rihansu-isms and constant need to use Romulan or Klingon language proper nouns. Coridan's fate was a shocking plot development that really worked well.

Kobayashi Maru
was... just there. More annoying Rihansu-isms and fictional language proper nouns that always knocked me out of the narrative. I remember reading about half of an eBook version of this novel in 2008 but kinda giving up halfway through. You could get twice the story in half the space with some good editing, but I powered through this time. When getting to the actual Kobayashi Maru part the book really underperformed what should have been an awesome sequence.

The two Romulan War books themselves are shockingly bad. I finished To Brave the Storm today, which managed to be worse than "These Are The Voyages" which at least had a botched plausible deniability with its holodeck recreation. I realize behind the scenes two trade paperbacks were hacked down into a space 1/4 of what was originally planned, but this can't explain completely losing the plot with Sopek/Ch'iev, the other Vulcan machinations, or the incredibly rushed ending that just throws everything into the air-- what will the characters be doing now, Enterprise being retired, war over, birth of the Federation, Trip rescued off screen.

This series has to be the worst Star Trek books I have read in over ten years -- worse than Red Sector, Ship of the Line, Chainmail, the Christie Golden VGR relaunch. What a wasted opportunity. I hope in 5-10 years someone relaunches the post season 4 ENT storyline from scratch and fixes not only TATV but this botched mess too. This could have been epic.
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