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Re: Does It Get Better???

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It was nice to have a mention of Neelix's ship, if a bit out of left field.
I also liked the mention of Neelix's ship, which was mentioned as being stored in Caretaker and then rarely heard from again.

The only downside, though, is having Neelix's ship highlights some of the other problems with Voyager. The ship is too small to have two shuttlebays, so where was Neelix's ship being held? Where were various other ships [spoiler free] that Voyager takes-in at various times during later seasons being stored? Where was Voyager getting all these Shuttlecraft (by most counts, they destroyed at least 17 Shuttlecrafts during the show). Not to mention, the main shuttlebay's doors appear to be too small for Neelix's ship to actually pass through.

The writer's didn't really stick to any kind of show bible throughout the series, which I think leads to a lot of fan disappointment.
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