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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

Syn, do you know why you were treated less than courteously in this and the other thread? Because we've seen countless online petitions for this thing and that thing in the Trek world, and they never work, and the people who champion them are usually full of self-righteous vitriol and conspiracy theories about TPTB "ignoring the fans". Witness the bullshit surrounding Trek 2009. Your OP contains plenty of it. The other thread is even more offensive (not you, but others on "your side").

It's not bringing back Janeway that bothers people. If the authors choose to do it, and the story makes sense, people will read it and enjoy it. The disrespect you show towards the people who write, edit, and publish these books is childish and wrong-headed, and it reflects poorly on everything else you say.
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