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Re: Does It Get Better???

"The Chute" was good on a first watch and I enjoyed the darkness of the episode, it wasn't that overly sterile look/feel we always get in Star Trek particularly TNG and VOY.
As for "Remember", I think by filler here you mean the kind of show any trek could do and the idea originally was made for TNG as a Deanna Troi story so that's kinda true. I did enjoy it though and would class it "good", I thought the ending was quite emotional and it was nice to see how emotionally affected B'Ellana got by it - I love B'Ellana episodes.

As for "Sacred Ground", it was ok but not that good. Its funny how in trek we sometimes have stories that are on the side of spirituality and then we have ones staunchly on the other side of the fence.

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It's interesting you say that. I like B'Elanna as a character quite a bit, but I haven't loved any of the episodes that focused on her. I gave Faces, Prototype, and Dreadnought 6's, which is a very good score but still not great. None of her episodes have gotten a higher rating than that. Just an observation.
Its true, early B'Ellana episodes do tend to revolve around her fixing stuff but later on she gets fantastic episodes that deal with her emotions, insecurities, family issues etc and Dawson always gives a very powerful, memorable performance. My 2nd favorite trek episode is actually a season 6 B'Ellana story.
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