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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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^A lot of that stuff.

Generally, though, I just didn't like the story or most of the characters. It nearly put me to sleep in the theater.
All of those points made (except for #4) I can easily say why they worked for me.

The problem here isn't the aggregate saying "superhero movies are done, move on", it's the individuals saying "I personally hate what they're giving us, who cares if others are enjoying them, let's move on."

Instead of "I've personally grown past this, I'll be moving on, hope you keep enjoying what's out there, we'll touch base later!"

Exactly like what I'm doing with the next Spidey movie. I'm not interested, so I probably won't see it (unless the reviews are outstanding). But it's pretty selfish of me to say to stop making all superhero movies in general because I'm not interested in some of them.
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