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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

Lynx wrote: View Post
1) Voyager was supposed to be an ensemble show and you're right about that it wasn't just about Janeway. but that's no reason for ditching the character.
But it kind of lessens the argument that Voyager without Janeway isn't Voyager.

Lynx wrote: View Post
2) Kes and Neelix are also missing.
Once again it's showing that you shouldn't comment about books you haven't read: Neelix isn't missing.

Lynx wrote: View Post
4,5) Chakotay was replaced by Eden, right? And why? To have a new female captain? Reil weird that they dump the best female captain Star Trek has ever seen just to replace her with another female captain. And no other female captain can replace Janeway when it comes to skill and all that. Whatever they throw in will be a weak copy.
If you're talking about female TV captains, don't you think it's kind of a hollow praise when you say Janeway was the best female captain Star Trek has ever seen, as she was the only female captain on TV with a regular role and therefore the onyl one with the chance to really leave a lasting impression with the viewers? (And if you're including TrekLit captains I can think of a few female captains I would say are better in my opinion, including the "weak copy".)

And another "you shouldn't comment on books you haven't read" moments: Chakotay is captain of the Voyager again, Eden is now the fleet commander.

Lynx wrote: View Post
As for new fans, let's say that some young person discover Voyager due to some re-runs on some SF-channel, then buys the books only to find that important people from the TV series are killed off or missing. Would that person continue to buy the books? No, I don't think so.
I could see this person continuing reading/buying the series if the book in question was well written. If all they want to read about is Janeway they probably are out of luck, but if that's the case I would argue that they weren't fans of the series as a whole anyway, and probably more a fan of Kate Mulgrew, so they probably should rather follow her acting career beyond Voyager than reading books about a show that for them was obviously little more than a vehicle for Mulgrew.
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