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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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1) VOYAGER WAS AN ENSEMBLE SHOW, as are/were all of the other Star Trek series. It wasn't based solely around Janeway, nor should it have been.

2) To date, the only major characters from the television series who are not part of the Voyager Relaunch novels are Janeway and Tuvok. Everyone else is still there, so this idea that 'more people would buy the novels if they were about the actual crew of Voyager' is a rather ludicrous one, because the novels ARE ABOUT THE ACTUAL CREW OF VOYAGER (sans two).

3) Janeway was effectively removed from playing an active role in the Voyager Relaunch by Christie Golden in Homecoming, The Further Shore, and the Spirit Walk duology; Kirsten Beyer included her in part of Full Circle because she needed to use that novel to build up to Janeway's eventual 'death' as seen in Before Dishonor, even though she wasn't going to rehash said 'death' within the pages of Full Circle itself, but Janeway was, at best, a periphery character throughout the entirety of her particpation in the storylines utilized and presented in FC, so, if you're mad about Janeway 'not being part of the novels', you really ought to be ranting and raving against Christie Golden as well as Kirsten Beyer (although I personally think that this whole mindset of being pissed off about Janeway being A) not part of the Voyager novels and B) 'dead' is stupid).

4) Janeway was replaced as Voyager's Captain by Chakotay, not some 'weak female copycat', but you apparently wouldn't know that since you've chosen to boycott the novels because they dont adhere to your viewpoint of what Voyager is, was, and should be. I should also note that Chakotay replacing Janeway as Voyager's Captain was done by Christie Golden in the Spirit Walk duology, and set up in Homecoming and The Further Shore.

5) As Kirsten Beyer has already said, Asfarah Eden replaced Chakotay as Voyager's Captain, and she is far from being a 'weak female copycat' of Janeway, but, again, you apparently wouldn't know that since you've chosen to boycott the Voyager novels because they don't adhere to your viewpoint of what Voyager is, was, and should be.

6) Presuming that you and those who share your views re: Janeway and Voyager represent a large or 'majority' portion of the Voyager fandom is the height of arrogance and, quite frankly, extremely insulting to me personally. As I noted in the version of this thread that was posted in Trek Lit, I consider myself to be a fan of Kathryn Janeway's character. My being supportive of the decisions made re: Janeway's character and what Kirsten Beyer has done in relation to said decisions IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM MAKES ME 'LESS' OF A FAN OF VOYAGER THAN YOU AND THE OTHERS WHO SHARE YOUR VIEWPOINTS RE: JANEWAY AND HER INCLUSION - OR THE LACK THEREOF - IN THE VOYAGER RELAUNCH NOVELS.
1) Voyager was supposed to be an ensemble show and you're right about that it wasn't just about Janeway. but that's no reason for ditching the character.

2) Kes and Neelix are also missing.

3) I supopse that you're referring to herb promotion to admiral and the continuating scenario in Golden's books. But that's no excuse either for annihilating the character. They could have demoted her or made her the same kind of admiral as Kirk was in the movies. She could still have been in command of Voyager. If Janeway was shoved aside in Golden's books, all that could have been changed without killing off the character.

4,5) Chakotay was replaced by Eden, right? And why? To have a new female captain? Reil weird that they dump the best female captain Star Trek has ever seen just to replace her with another female captain. And no other female captain can replace Janeway when it comes to skill and all that. Whatever they throw in will be a weak copy.

6) I wasn't pointing at you in my previous statement even if it does surprise me that you state that you are a fan of Janeway, still you find it great that she's been killed off. What I was pointing at were all those people who didn't care for Voyager earlier on, all of a sudden showing up, praising the current direction of the books and express their happiness over Janeway being dumped.

And yes, Voyager (or more precisely, the "official" Voyager) has lost many ardent fans during the years due to stupid decisions of those in charge of the TV series and later on the books. First the way Kes was treated, then C/7 and now the annihilation of Janeway from the books. Most of those people are still Voyager fans but they don't want anything to do with the current direction of the relaunch.

Therin of Andor wrote:
Maybe they weren't. But they are now, and will probably go buy a few boxed sets of DVDs to see what they missed. Win/win for CBS. New fans are needed once all the older fans have bought everything they need.
Be careful what you wish for. I agree that new fans are needed. But if those in charge of the relaunch are trying to win new fans by annihilating characters from the TV-series, thus alienating the old fans, then they might end up in the same situation as certain rock bands who have abandoned their old style and become trendy in order to attract new fans. The result is ofthen that they first lose their longtime fans and then the new fans too who just see them as some trend of the week before they move on to new stuff.

As for new fans, let's say that some young person discover Voyager due to some re-runs on some SF-channel, then buys the books only to find that important people from the TV series are killed off or missing. Would that person continue to buy the books? No, I don't think so. I mean, I discovered my current favorite series NCIS in 2003. Would I buy books where, let's say Gibbs was missing and had been replaced by some other character? No, I don't think so.
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