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But since both of you have yet to learn that, then I'm afraid you're not going to be likely to enjoy such a pleasant experience with people--the only actual two-way conversations will be with people who will reply by getting into fisticuffs, which I shall sit back and enjoy greatly, to see the two of you getting a taste of your own bitter medicine.
Okey doke, you sit back and wait for that then.

It's a bit difficult for me to get particularly interested if I'm honest but if waiting for that makes you happy or will be some sort of wish-fulfilment for you then that's fine with me.

Although I would, for the second time, advise you to do what my signature suggests in future since you evidently dislike what I say and/or how I say it. This would, in my opinion, be the best option for you rather than posting these little rants about my posting style that inevitably fall on deaf ears.

All the best.
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