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We were told this numerous times when the previous editors posted over at TrekLit; that all of the VOY Relaunch novels have gone through multiple reprintings, meaning that demand kept exceeding predictions, even though the parent show had left the air. Not so the numbered novels.

Pocket doesn't release figures to the public, and neither do most publishers. IIRC, again from posts by the previous editors when discussing the astounding success of the DS9 and VOY Relaunches, many of the older, numbered VOY novels only ever had the one printing (marked inside the books in reprints). When Pocket was publishing a TOS and a TNG book month, and a VOY and a DS9 the alternate month, making approx 24 books per year, the VOY and DS9 books were said to be under-performing expectations.
Thanks for the info. Can we be sure that print runs for the numbered novels were the same size as print runs for the Beyer relaunch?
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