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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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Nice to see "glamorous and enigmatic" brought back to Bond Girls, I think.... The promise of an exotic accent (French, in this case), is also quite good to look forward to.
I know you're an American and basically a child, but when has the French (which there are several) accent been classed as exotic?
It's not exotic, but very sexy when female (and very stupid when male) - when I went to Strasbourg on studies, all our group concentrated on making sure we got the girls to speak to us in English for that very reason, even though we spoke French...

Perhaps an odd choice of words on my part, I admit. Just saying...there's something inherently...glamorous, if you will, about an attractive mademoiselle with a French accent....

BTW, Dimesdan..."basically a child"?
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