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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

This is not about who sells more or who is a better character in people's eyes. To Pocket books it is about these things, but not to the readers. If you buy books based on popularity, then you miss out on some of the most remarkable literature out there.

I buy books based on substance, on character and most of all on text that makes me feel. Love, compassion, fear, anger and so on. The depth of Janeway's character is so consuming, especially for trek fans. She's "cut from a different cloth" which scares the heck out of most, who can only see past their own nose.

It is not my job to make you feel comfortable with hating Janeway, neither is it my intention to say you must like her. I just want her back and there is nothing wrong with trying to make that happen.
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