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I think you would find your advice taken more seriously by people, or at least met witth less resistance and dismissal, if you phrased it more politely. If you're rude, no one will give a damn what you say even when it's good advice; you'll just end up treated like you don't exist.
You're confusing rude with direct I'm afraid. People with delicate sensibilities can often make that mistake, believing that a person is being rude and aggressive when in fact they are simply speaking to them in a candid manner.

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It would also help if you learn to include what you like as well as what you don't like.
I've make plenty of supportive posts praising people's work as well as making critical posts which you have misconstrued as "rude", however you clearly wish to cherry-pick certain ones that support your agenda.

The stuff I like, I say I like. The stuff I don't like, I say I don't like.

You're just paying more attention to the second option than the first.

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And if this all-criticism post rankles, now you know how abrasive your own style is to others.
Absolutely, your all criticism post has left me devastated.

But to conclude, the answer to whatever issues you have with my posting-style lies in my signature.
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