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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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At present, the only way Janeway's decision could be seen as reasonable is if there were CREDIBLE REASONS for her to be sure of the fact that the borg can't use slipstream (to send cubes wherever it wants in the glaxy in little time); can't rebuild the transwarp network (for the next few decades); can't use another 'beyond warp' tech assimilated from whomever for rapid travel.
Needless to say, such 'credible reasons' are nowhere established.
The Borg attacks made on the Federation post-Endgame didn't make use of slipstream or transwarp, but involved either Borg vessels stranded in the area of the Federation or Borg vessels dispatched directly from the Collective via the unknown Caeliar species' wholly unknown subspace tunnels.
I never said it cannot be done, rfmcdpei.

PS - Happy New Year to all!

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