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Re: Does It Get Better???

"The Swarm" has that typical emotional A plot with ridiculous tacked on and unnecessary b plot that we see so often in TNG and earlier VOY. I think later on that Voyager's stories tend to be more focused with less A/B plots and more episodes devoted to one main plot fleshed out more. I think "Real Life" was one of the worst episodes for having a great A plot and a ridiculously technobabbly/unneccessary b plot - it really puts me off rewatching.

Oh and

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The Swarm: The A-plot with the alien of the week was underdeveloped and uninteresting, but I did enjoy the B-plot with the Doctor losing his memory. I am curious to see what comes of all this for the Doctor.

Good luck with that!

As for "False Profits", I really hated it. The whole thing was so flat and not funny.
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