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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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I just joined today, so I'm fairly new to the forum and how it works. I'm a big Voyager fan, but I also quite like TNG. I love the movies: Wrath of Khan, Undiscovered Country and First Contact. I did like Nemesis, but I can see why people wouldn't like it.

Voyager is what got me into the Star Trek universe, and Janeway is one of my favourite characters... I'm also a J/C shipper.

I'm honestly a little shy here because I know some people don't like Voyager, and I'm just here to make peaceful comments.

Anyways, yeah that's me :P
Hi Violet, welcome.

I gave up on Voyager as a religious watching experience about S3, then it was "When I catch it". I've seen several episodes from later, and really enjoyed many of them, but Voyager and Enterprise S1 and 2 are my lowest appreciation for The Trekiverse. But, I'd like to say, I for one, will not criticize you for enjoyment, and If I get a chance to do a start to finish watch/rewatch of Voyager, I may very well value your opinions on episodes. So, don't worry about bashers, they typically only get to bashing when you hit a nerve (NOTE: This could be Anti- or Pro- on any hot subjects, not just the one I might believe is in the wrong).

As long as you simply discuss, you avoid most of the tension.
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