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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

Three things:
1) You can't ask/beg people to support your cause. Note that nowhere in my example did I blatantly ask people for their support.

2) Your OP in that Trek Lit thread was full of blatantly false accusations/assumptions leveled against the current and past editors of Trek Lit. That is confrontational, as are the accusations that you and several others have leveled against me in this version of your thread thus far (see below for one such example), and that were leveled against me the last time this subject was broached.

3) FOR THE LAST FREAKING TIME, I AM A KATHRYN JANEWAY FAN, and am tired of being accused of not being so simply because I happen to disagree with the sentiment that you and others express that she should not have been 'killed off' or otherwise removed from the post-finale Voyager Relaunch fiction, or that the decision to 'kill' her off should somehow be reversed. Accusations that I 'don't like Janeway' or that I'm somehow 'not a true Voyager fan' because I'm not in 'lockstep' with your guys' opinion(s) are confrontational; they are designed to provoke confrontation because they are categorically not true.
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