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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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LOL that is exactly how fiction works, all you have to do for a plot is ask the right question.
Your line of thinking only really works with tie-in fiction, and it only works if there's actually an issue with overall Voyager novel sales, which, as Therin pointed out to Lynx, there clearly isn't.

As I said above, you and the people who share your viewpoints are free to waste your own time in what will more than likely prove to be a futile effort to force an unnecessary change simply because you think said change should be made, but don't expect others outside your 'circle' to support your cause.

Regarding hostility towards you guys, it only comes when you try and act like your opinions are the only ones that matter, and when you try to 'force' those of us who don't share your viewpoints/opinions to support your cause by insinuating that, if we don't support your cause, we're not 'true' Janeway or Voyager fans.

I posted in the last thread where this whole topic was breached, and you were one of the people I started arguing with on this very point, so it isn't like this whole issue of hostility is something that's taken you guys by surprise. If you don't want to be approached with hostility, don't come in trying to push your viewpoints on other people, especially people who don't share said viewpoints.

DigificWriter, I've sent many posts here where I've said quite clearly that others are allowed to not like Voyager. You don't have to like Janeway. You don't have to agree with how we feel. That's not an issue at all for me and I've said it enough already to show the truth in that statement.

You (and anyone else) are allowed to have your own viewpoint that doesn't match ours.

In general I've been considerably more respectful of that other viewpoint while standing firm to my own. I can't and won't speak for the actions of others in the past, present or future who voice their opinions on the matter. However, if someone is rude I am also quite willing and able to address that.

It's amazing how at so many trek sites, people are so hostile and outright mean to one another for a different view point. I have admitted freely that Voyager had flaws both in its premise and in its characters however, those flaws were due to the writing and direction given by whoever happened to be in control of the franchise at that point. Heck even at the "Bring Back Janeway" facebook page, I posted a link to an article at GiantFreakingRobot dot come which was really not very pro-Voyager or even pro-Janeway but which I still think was kind of funny in it's message.

If you want to read it.. it's right here:

I quite honestly thought some of what they said was hilarious.

People talk about Janeway's actions but really, the problem there is deeper in that someone in control of the series approved it.

Voyager wasn't perfect.

Janeway wasn't perfect.

Life itself, isn't perfect. Yes there are things I can and do support which make more of a world impact (Recycling efforts, Autism Awareness as I have 2 autistic nephews who I love dearly, just to name two).

This is something that's just a little fun for me. I loved Voyager and I loved Kathryn Janeway because of those flaws.

I hope that through all of this that we'll accomplish our goal and see some new Voyager based novels with Janeway back.

Is it so terribly difficult to just say that you don't agree without having to be quite so hostile about it?
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