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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

Those who regularly enjoy Star Trek (TV series or books) are already picked out and ridiculed by many people who can't stand the whole franchise. We face opposition from all sides because we are 'Trekkers', we worship at the altar of Gene Roddenberry. We all claim to be forward thinking, open-minded people, and yet we can't even disagree in a civil and mature manner???
It doesn't matter that Janeway is a fictional character, she is still important to her fans, why should they be ridiculed for showing that support?
Live and let live. Think not of what divides us, whether that be which series is better or which characters are loved the most. But of what joins us together under the banner of Star Trek: A good story, human compassion and all those other lessons that those who grew up watching Star Trek show on a daily basis.
In-fighting just lends those who hate Star Trek more ammunition to aim at us all!

Besides, it's not like we're asking for her to come back immediately, just bring her back eventually. Don't hang a lantern on her story and forget about her. Could you do that to Picard? Or Sisko? Or Kirk? Or any other character from Star Trek???

If you don't want to sign the petition, then don't. No-one is making you, or trying to make you.
All we are doing is trying to spread the message in as many places as possible, so that those that would like to see Janeway return to the series can get involved with others who share that viewpoint. This isn't about forcing our opinion down your throat, or discrediting it, this is about trying to bring back a character that we all liked.
If that displeases you, then by all means: Leave.
Not all of us boycott the books, I still buy them and enjoyed them. I have no complaints about the characters brought into the Voyager storyline, I just find the books to be missing something, and that something is Janeway.
If that upsets you then I'll say this: I grew up watching Voyager, and I find myself missing Janeway (as an Admiral or Captain or just a guiding force). The crew in the books has had a while to grieve for her, but they can't get her back. Why should her fans not be allowed the same right?
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