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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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To CoveSanta, who said that online petitions are a worthless means of getting attention,that's not true. Online petitions do work, as has been proven by countless successful efforts over the years. The only way it doesn't work is if someone just shakes their head and says "It's not worth even trying.."

You'll never accomplish anything if you don't try. The online petition is only one part of what the group is trying to do, there are also letter writing campaigns to send mail to the publishers through the postal service.

It may seem like in the world today, something like this isn't that big of a deal but to some of us, it's worth taking a moment of our time to stand up and show support for the idea. It really doesn't take more than a minute or two to sign, it doesn't take more than a few minutes to print a letter and place it into an addressed envelope and stick a stamp on it.

I'm doing this because it's something I'd like to see. And I know I'm not the only one who feels that the novel-verse books, without Kathryn Janeway.. are not Voyager.

Instead of Fleet Captain Eden leading things.. put Admiral Janeway in her place. Leave Chakotay as Captain of Voyager.. and continue with the characters and people from the series who those of us who are fans loved to start with!
I said this in the duplicate thread over in Trek Lit, but online petitions concerning fictional propertiesare rarely given any credence, and are even more rarely successful. The only two instances that I can think of in recent history where online petition campaigns were successful are the temporary renewals of Jericho and Pushing Daisies.

If you're certain that there are 'countless successful efforts' out there to refute what myself and CoveSanta have said re: online petitions that concern fictional properties, you might want to try citing them specifically instead of making generic statements.

BTW, it doesn't look like you saw what I posted in the thread in Trek Lit, so I'm going to reiterate part of what I said there:
You can't beg people to support your cause.

It doesn't matter how important you might think your cause is. People will support it - or ignore it - based on their own personal viewpoints/feelings, not because you went out and asked them to sign an online petition that will most likely have absolutely no effect whatsoever on the direction that the Voyager Relaunch novels go.

If you guys want to waste your own time in what will more than likely turn out to be a futile effort, go right ahead, but don't expect to find much support from people who aren't already in your little 'circle'.
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