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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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I don't think it's right for there to be bias against Janeway simply because she was a woman; we should be beyond that kind of prejudice now in our society.
You realize that the ONLY people that ever mention the fact that Janeway was a woman are her fans. Her detractors never even mention her gender. What's worse, her fans are so obsessed with her gender that they think that she should be exempt from any of the dangers that her male colleagues face. In effect they want her protected BECAUSE she is a woman.
I think that that is a matter of opinion. I am a Janeway fan I never really saw a bias until recently, which is why I say that it is ridiculous. I am not trying to protect her because of her gender, I am simply saying that it should not be a dividing line between her and the other male captains of Star Trek.
"It's never easy, but if we turn our backs on our principles we stop being human." - Kathryn Janeway, "Equinox Part 1".
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