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Re: Sigils and Unions: Catacombs of Oralius: "Flying Apart"

Gibraltar wrote: View Post
I just finished your first post of this story, and you’ve got me hooked. The palpable tension of Dukat and Ziyal’s flight from Bajor is nerve-wracking.
Thanks for reading. This review was a wonderful end-of-year surprise.

I loved the initial interaction between the pilot and Dukat. It’s amazing that even after all Dukat’s suffered at the hands of the Bajorans, he’s still viewed caustically by some others of his own species for being the vedek’s consort, as if he’d had any choice in the matter.
Given the way comfort women were looked at on the show, I imagined that due to gender stereotypes, a "comfort man" might face that and worse. Not everyone believes a man can be raped.

Gibraltar wrote: View Post
Wow, Dukat and Ziyal actually made it home! Given his run of luck lately, I'd worried that they'd be re-captured by the Bajorans. Not that they aren't still in grave danger, but just to have made it all the way home from Bajor is a major feat in and of itself.
Given AU Dukat's familiarity with the desert and its inhabitants, it's a pretty good bet he'll make it. The sequel to this story can be found at Ad Astra and is titled "The Guide."

This was a terrific short story, underscored by Dukat and Ziyal's utter helplessness and dependance upon the pilot for their very lives.
Thank you for reading.
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