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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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As for representing "a small sample" of the Voyager fans, I'm not so sure about that. Many Voyager fans have simply turned their backs on the relaunch books because of the "changes"and aren't even participating in those debates.
You're dreaming. Paramount and CBS already know, from decades of tie-in sales - that less than 1% of the viewing audience buy the tie-in novels. Saying "many Voyager fans have already turned their backs" is incorrect; up to 99% of VOY viewers have never read a VOY novel.

Firstly, sales of the Relaunch books are better than the early days of numbered VOY and DS9 novels which, we were told, were Pocket's worst-selling lines. As Christie Golden's novels began showing better sales figures, she became custodian of the Relaunch. Even though those four books were panned by many readers, the sales figures were excellent, and the books went into multiple reprints.

Secondly, "many" of the fans you are talking about told us - right here - that, apart from "Mosaic", they never used to read the old VOY novels anyway, preferring free fanfics they can download to any licensed VOY novels they have to pay for. So those who have blackbanned the licensed tie-ins are actually only a handful of that 1% of the viewing audience.

In the reverse of all that, the Kirsten Beyer VOY novels are selling very well, having gained new readers: ST fans who read other ST novels but not VOY novels, plus other fans curious about the "death of Janeway" storyline. If the death-of-Janeway-aftermath books were selling worse than Golden's, we wouldn't be seeing more and more books being commissioned to Kirsten Beyer.

Then we also have those who hated the series and Janeway as well and who might find this new course of the events more appealing. I'm constantly running into those who participate in this debate who never liked the TV series and only show up on the Voyager forum when a thread about the books and/or a campaign for bringing back Janeway starts to praise the new direction of the books and in some cases show their happiness over the fact that Janeway was ditched. Are they really Voyager fans? I'm not so sure about that.
Maybe they weren't. But they are now, and will probably go buy a few boxed sets of DVDs to see what they missed. Win/win for CBS. New fans are needed once all the older fans have bought everything they need.

I know that there are many Voyager fans who buy the books too but I'm sure that even more should buy them if they were about the Voyager crew from the series.
And they are. I hear they are only missing Janeway and Tuvok at the moment. Tuvok has spun-off into "Titan", where he and his wife are popular, valued characters.
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