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Bold formatting is used for the Mirror Universe. Very rarely, it’s also used for emphasis.

Italic formatting is used for the following situations: titles, ship names, foreign words, emphasis, dream states, thoughts, reports and logs.

Regular formatting is used for everything else.

Also, I spell Commander Tucker's nickname as Tripp (yes, I know it's Trip in canon).

It didn't hurt.

Well, not too much, when Lili was slammed into the wall. The wall gave. It seemed softer, more pliable than whatever the heck starship walls are really made of.

She was spun around, and being kissed, all in pitch blackness.

She went with it, kissing back, a little surprised but not unnerved.

It was hot.

At that very thought, her clothes instantly disappeared – but that is what happens in dreams.

The kissing continued.

The man was, who was he?

About her height. Endlessly touching her. Endlessly insatiable.

They fell onto a bed. It felt like her bed, with the slightly harder side on the left.

Rolled around, again and again.

Sweating and grappling.

His skin was salty with perspiration. He had a bit of stubble but was otherwise clean shaven. His forehead was a little high, his arms muscular. She had no idea who he was.

He said absolutely nothing, and she followed suit.

But there was just one moment when she felt she had to cry out in joy.

And that was when she woke up.


"What was that all about?" Jenny asked.

"Huh, what?" Lili was still groggy.

"Roomie, you kinda grunted in your sleep. Actually, it was more like squealing."

"I talk in my sleep? You know that,” Lili said, stretching.

"This was different. It was like – I could swear you were getting some,” Jenny grinned.

"Oh, damn, look at the time! Chef'll kill me if I'm late!" Lili quickly got into chef's whites and left.


"Empress, there's been a slight sensor glitch."


"It's been going on for about an hour. I'd've reported it sooner, but it seemed small."

"An hour? MacKenzie, run a diagnostic. Fix it or figure it out. Now." The Empress was in no mood for incompetence.

"Yes, of course." Ensign MacKenzie said. It was suddenly hot on the Bridge, and his uniform seemed far too small.


"Commander, there's a small sensor glitch."

"Yes, Ensign MacKenzie?" T'Pol said.

"Didn't seem like much but it was going for around an hour or so."

"How interesting. Run a diagnostic and tell Lieutenant Reed when he comes in."

"Yes, Commander." MacKenzie started the diagnostic.


"Get up!" Jenn shoved him.

"What?" he was still groggy.

"Look at the time. The Empress doesn't like it when you're late, Old Man."

"Huh? Oh yeah, I should go."

"Ugh,” Jenn complained.

"What? Oh, man. You better get to your shift, too."

"Sure thing. I wonder what they'd say if they knew a Lieutenant such as yourself did such, ugh, things."

"See if I care." He finished putting on his uniform and raced out.
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