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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

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Good points, MikeH92467. More on the subject of...

Number of Mics
One mic often isn't enough. Sometimes you need two mics to get all the sound in a shot, particularly if you have a scene where actors are far apart in the frame and there's overlapping dialogue.
Don't forget the type of mic. As a general rule of thumb, you're going to want a cardioid condensor mic for indoors and a shotgun mic for outdoors. A shotgun indoors is one of the things that will give you that horrible distorted roomy noise due to the narrow pickup pattern.
I recently purchased an Azden SGM-1X shotgun mic. Which cardioid condenser mic(s) might you recommend for the budget-conscious, aspiring filmmaker?
I'm no audio-gal so I'm going to quote a pro from another forum.

The only budget hyper-cardioid I would recommend is the Oktava MK-012a, which is about $250. Make sure that if you decide to buy one that it is authentic; there are a lot of Chinese knock-offs out there that are definitely inferior.
If you're willing to spend more to get some real pro gear, I can get some recommendations.

But remember, a mic is only as good as the person swinging the boom and mixing. So practice practice practice. (Or hire someone, that's what I do :P)

edit: Here's a link to his blog. Every indie filmmaker should read it!
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