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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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and leave us Voyager fans alone with our memories and our fan fiction?
Ah, but you represent a very small sample of VOY fans. The Relaunch novels are being enjoyed by many ST fans, some of whom were always diehard and casual VOY fans, and some others who now count VOY as one of their favourite novel series.

And you still have your memories and your fan fiction.

wouldn't it be better in that case if Voyager was laid to rest
Imagine the outcry: "Out of all the Star Trek series, the one that got its book tie-ins cancelled was the one with the female captain!"
But the female captain is already wasted! So what's the point?

You can also turn it into: The only captain which was killed off in those relaunch books was the female captain.

As for representing "a small sample" of the Voyager fans, I'm not so sure about that. Many Voyager fans have simply turned their backs on the relaunch books because of the "changes"and aren't even participating in those debates. Then we also have those who hated the series and Janeway as well and who might find this new course of the events more appealing. I'm constantly running into those who participate in this debate who never liked the TV series and only show up on the Voyager forum when a thread about the books and/or a campaign for bringing back Janeway starts to praise the new direction of the books and in some cases show their happiness over the fact that Janeway was ditched. Are they really Voyager fans? I'm not so sure about that.

I know that there are many Voyager fans who buy the books too but I'm sure that even more should buy them if they were about the Voyager crew from the series.
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