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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

Kirsten Beyer wrote: View Post
First, Therin,

Though this is probably not the best place to express this, I'm terribly sorry to hear about your mother and father. Truly, you have my deepest sympathies.


Lynx wrote: View Post
New female captain on Voyager?

How pathetic!

They do kill off the best female captain we've ever seen in Star Trek and now they are gonna replace her with a weak copy. I find it almost insulting.
Just, once again, in the interest of getting all of our facts straight...

When the Voyager Fleet was first dispatched back to the Delta Quadrant, The Admiral of the Fleet was Admiral Willem Batiste and Voyager's new captain was Captain Afsarah Eden.

By the end of Unworthy, Batiste had departed, Captain Eden became Fleet Commander, and Chakotay once again became Captain of Voyager.

Therin couldn't know that if he hasn't read past Full Circle, and I'm sorry to spoil that for you here but as the books have been out a good long while and I don't know how to do spoiler tags...apologies.

But no, we didn't replace Captain Janeway with a weak copy. Captain Eden was briefly Voyager's captain but as part of the ongoing story, Chakotay is once again in command of the ship that was his as established in Christie Golden's books.

Kirsten Beyer
I've liked what you done so far and I enjoy Eden...actually I like Farkas more than Eden, but I do like them. I don't believe they were meant to replace Janeway because let's face it: no one can replace Janeway. As I said before, I still have that sense of loss and false hope of wanting to turn the page and see her pop up even though I know it won't happen. I still want Janeway to return and there's many things she could do and I wouldn't be opposed of her taking a demotion to get her butt back in space where she belongs...if she was somehow magically returned. However, I also know the likelihood of Janeway returning any time in the foreseeable future is pretty much nonexistent.

I won't loose hope however (no matter how futile), she was a childhood hero of mine and I must admit that when I first learned of her demise, I too was spitting venom, but my curiosity had me give in and give the books a chance. I will never believe killing Janeway was a good idea or that it's truly Voyager without her, but that's my prerogative, just like those whose views that oppose mine. I'll sign petitions to support her return, etc. but I won't go on head hunts for the writing staff.

I do have to say I don't care much for Chakotay being captain. I do like him as a character and as a first officer, but he never had that captain's presence to me...even when he was Maqui. But, that's just me and hopefully my perception changes as the books go on.

Ms. Beyer, keep up the good work and hopefully if Pocket Books does decide to finally give us back Janeway, I hope you're still around to be given the honor to do that.
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