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Re: Star Trek: End of the 24th Century and Beyond Version 2.0

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
So you didn't answer my question from a few month ago...what exactly is this for? Is it the background for a new fan fic of yours? Or is it just a timeline of your own continuity or something?

Alpha Romeo wrote: View Post
Did you make this stuff up?

And it's civilization.
Most of it, the 2380 - 2382 parts are partially based on the novels, hence all the spoiler codes.

Civilisation is the British/Commonwealth spelling.

Part 7
Further exploration occurs in the Dyson Sphere.

[Deep Space Nine: The New Adventures February 2415 – October 2423]

Further exploration occurs in the Dyson Sphere.

The Cardassians apply to join the Federation. This causes much concern and controversy on Bajor and on Deep Space Nine.

The First Federation sets up a base in the Dyson Sphere, so they can study the Sphere first hand.

Anti-Federation Cardassian elements cause trouble on Deep Space Nine.

[Anna's Personal Trek April 2415 – December 2423]

More exploration occurs on the Dyson Sphere.

Conferences are held on Deep Space Nine about Cardassia's application to join the Federation.

After her graduation from the University of New England in Armidale, on Earth, Anna Jones decides to explore the galaxy herself...

The Ixiolia, a civilisation from tha opposite side of the Dyson Sphere from the Federation, establish first contact with the Federation when they discover the Sphere.

Cardassians cause trouble on Deep Space Nine.

Anna Jones leaves Earth and visits Alpha Centauri, Vulcan and Tellar.

Further exploration occurs on the Dyson Sphere.

Trouble occurs between conservative Bajoran individuals and various Cardassians on Deep Space Nine...

Anna Jones visits various Earth-derived Federation member worlds.

Various ships depart Deep Space Nine for exploratory journeys in the Gamma Quadrant.

Anna Jones visits Betazed and some other Federation worlds.

The Challenger returns to the Federation.

Further exploration occurs in the Dyson Sphere.

Trouble between Bajorans and Cardassians on DS9 increases.

Anna Jones visits several Federation worlds.

The Oberon explores a star cluster.

Several first contacts occur in the Dyson Sphere.
Anna Jones visits New Victoria and New Otago.

Further exploration occurs in the Dyson Sphere.

Anna Jones heads back towards the core of the Federation.

More Iconian relics are found in the Dyson Sphere.

Anna Jones visits Bajor and Deep Space Nine. She gets involved in the Cardassian membership issue.

The Challenger is involved in a first contact.

Anna Jones leaves Deep Space Nine.

The Federation sends an observation team to the planet of the Anglo-Saxons.

The crew of the Federation base in the Dyson Sphere discovers hints of deadly secrets having been hidden in the Sphere somewhere.

Anna Jones hitches a ride with Tom Paris in his Alpha Flyer personal exploration ship. They head out to the edge of explored space, in the opposite direction from both the Dyson Sphere and a new enemy of the Federation. (as if the Typhon Pact wasn't enough.)

The Defiant explores less than 20 light years from the wormhole.

The Ixiata set up a base in the Dyson Sphere.

Anna explores a pre-warp planet, after Paris loans her a shuttle.

Paris heads back to Federation space, after surveying some systems in the vicinity.

Anti-Federation terrorist groups perpetrate attacks against Federation activities in Cardassian space.

The 205th member joins the Federation.

The Federation exploratory teams in the Dyson Sphere begin to actively search for the deadly secrets.

Anna Jones leaves the pre-warp planet in the shuttle. She visits several warp-capable worlds.
The Bajoran member of the Federation Council puts forward a motion to deny the Cardassians into the Federation.

Due to an experiment at the site of the Genesis Planet, the Genesis Planet regenerates itself. Also regenerated, are the original Enterprise NCC 1701, the USS Reliant, David Marcus, Khan Noonian Singh, and the Klingons who were aboard the Enterprise when it self destructed. The Enterprise-F is sent in to investigate…
The Enterprise barely survives the ensuing events.
Further exploration occurs in the Dyson Sphere.

Anna makes discoveries that Starfleet wouldn't for another decade.

The Federation Council debates the Bajoran motion to deny the Cardassians membership.

The Even Odds visits Gamma Station Two.

The Ixiata begin exploring the Dyson Sphere where the Federation had not been exploring.

Anna visits three post-industrial worlds.

The Federation Council overturns the Bajoran motion to deny Cardassia membership in the Federation.

An exploration team falls into a trap whilst looking for the deadly secrets. Another team has to get them out.

Anna visits two pre-industrial worlds.

Unrest increases on Deep Space Nine in response to the Federation's decision.
Further exploration occurs in the Dyson Sphere.

Anna visits one post-industrial worlds, and makes discoveries that Starfleet won't for another decade.

The Defiant explores a region of the Gamma Quadrant.

The Europa makes a first contact near the Dyson Sphere.

Anna visits three warp-capable worlds.

The Europa explores a star cluster to the coreward of the Dyson Sphere.

Further exploration occurs at the Dyson Sphere.

Conferences are held on Deep Space Nine regarding the Cardassian membership bid.

Anna visits four warp-capable worlds.

The Hippocrates begins aid work in the Kingdom of New Qo'nos.

Further exploration occurs at the Dyson Sphere

The Hippocrates narrowly escapes destruction by native terrorists. (The terrorists are in the minority. The majority remember Klingon rule better than Romulan rule.)

Anna arrives on a Pre-industrial planet.

An Anti-Federation Cardassian organisation stage protests on Deep Space Nine...

More hints of dark secrets are discovered on the Dyson Sphere.

Cardassia continues to be troubled through this year.

Anna continues to explore the pre-industrial planet.

Anti-Federation protests begin to plague Cardassia.

The Gorn discover the Dyson Sphere.

The New Dominion begins to stir up trouble with Federation colonies...

Anna runs into trouble on the pre-industrial planet. She is then rescued by a Section 31 agent whom had been following her since she had left the Federation. (The agent doesn't reveal this to her, though.) She continues her journey.

Further exploration occurs at the Dyson Sphere.

Geordi La Forge barely escapes the loss of the Challenger.

Anna Jones discovers an interstellar nation that is similar to the Federation as it was in the 23rd Century, based on a duplicate Earth ('Commonwealth of Planetary Nations' or 'Commonwealth' ['CPN']). Towards the end of the month she is picked up by an Enterprise (SCC 2701) led by a Kirk-like captain.

The 206th member joins the Federation.

Anna accompanies the CPN Enterprise crew on a few missions...

More observation teams arrive at the Anglo-Saxon world.

Anna leaves the Enterprise after receiving some maps from the captain. She decides to explore the Commonwealth's boundaries.

The Even Odds visits Gamma Station Two a second time.

Anna reaches the edge of Commonwealth space.

The CPN Enterprise keeps tabs on Anna.

The Section 31 agent shadowing Anna barely escapes from the Commonwealth's version of Section 31.

The Europa returns to the Federation.

Anna begins going around Commonwealth space.

Cardassians stage protests on Deep Space Nine

More Iconian Gateways are discovered on the Dyson Sphere.

The Hippocrates brings aid to a planet near the Dyson Sphere.

Anna visits several post-industrial worlds on the edge of Commonwealth space.

The Oberon begins exploring near Cornealian space.

A Section 31 operation on New Australia is thwarted by the actions of an unknown person. (Believed to be Karen Allenby...)

Anna approaches an Empire that borders the Commonwealth, and whose martial culture reminds her of that of the Klingons.

Anna gets trapped in the Galkolz Empire at the end of the year...
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