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Re: Sign in the new petition for Bring Back Janeway, please!

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Simply put, Janeway is one of the few characters that could not be thrown out to still have Voyager work. Kirsten Beyer is doing a good job w/o Janeway and honestly, the books have continued better than I originally thought they would however, Janeway was the unifying presence for the Voyager crew. No character can replace her presence or dynamic. The books since her demise in some ways read like it's a large away mission and we're waiting for her to magically appear on the next page. There is a feeling of a lost element and that element is Janeway.
That's the point.

I lost my mother to cancer a few weeks ago, only 18 months after my father went the same way. My Dad had lingered over five years; my mother went through the whole thing in a few short months. On Christmas Day, we had 16 people at Christmas lunch, all secretly expecting my mother to magically appear, laughing and handing out gifts. It didn't happen. (Although, after her funeral, my brothers and I found three boxed mugs in her pantry, inscribed "All I want for Christmas is my Mum". And Christmas cards, all written out, for everyone she knew.)

I'm almost dreading to read beyond "Full Circle", but Ms Beyer's work has received such acclaim.

No Janeway= no Voyager.
And yet, life must go on for those left behind.

With death comes the anguish that nothing will be the same again. Group dynamics will be permanently altered. Principals leave schools, families lose matriarchs, starships lose captains, countries lose leaders... but the rest of us have to make a new future, not wallow in the past.

Of course, VOY is science fiction. One day, some how, some way, some editor will want to revitalise the VOY books again (but they aren't tired again yet!) and Janeway will have a shock reappearance, or some author will pitch a new Janeway story that Pocket/Gallery and CBS Consumer Products can't resist. Maybe for the next big anniversary of VOY, or maybe not? But let's not rush it. The VOY books are at a high. Let's save the miracle resurrections for when they are needed, not do it now and muddy Ms Beyer's acclaimed current storyline.

But all I can say is look as Ms. Bujold's work (the original casted Janeway) and I think you may appreciate Mulgrew a little.
But the new female captain of the current novel arc (concerning the Voyager fleet's mission back to the Delta Quadrant) is nothing like Ms Bujold's Janeway, nor Ms Mulgrew's Janeway. Nor is she supposed to be.
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