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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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The problem with both Alberta Watson and Melinda Clarke as L'Haan is that A Time to Kill/Heal explicitly establishes that L'Haan has dark brown skin -- she's a "black" Vulcan.
Did she? I don't recall that, in those books. I recall she had black hair, but I don't recall reading anything about her skin color. And Memory Beta notes her hair color...but is otherwise silent about her features (except that she's quite attractive for her age...).

Direct quote, please?

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It's been suggested that Denzel Washington would be good as Tuvok's father....
Has Tuvok's father ever been a character in the books though? No point casting for a character that hasn't been written.
But he *could* be written. And Tuvok's parents have both been mentioned on the show, I think it was "Flashback".
He appeared in Tuvok's backstory in Pathways.

Me, I think Morgan Freeman would be better to play Tuvok's father. And his mother? Either S. Epatha Merkerson from L&O, or CCH Pounder.
Hmm...Freeman, while a superb and charismatic actor, never struck me as the kind to play a stoic, rationalistic Vulcan. He seems more "wise" and "kindly" than "logical".

Denzel I think can play "stern" a bit better.

But...that's just me.
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