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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

^ Yeah, I always got the feeling that the Founders would genetically tinker with the Vorta as needed. Eris could have been one of several Vorta given such abilities for a specific purpose, or she could have been the only Vorta - or heck, the only Vorta clone - to have such powers. For all we know, "Kurrill Prime" was actually a world the Founders conquered, and the people there really did have telekinetic powers, and they just had Eris pose as a Kurrillian rather than go to the trouble of inventing a fictional race.

Eris was a good character. Shame we never saw her again.

Edited to add:
[COLOR=#006cb0]Ronald D. Moore[/COLOR] stated: "Our internal rationale has been that Eris was given this ability for a specific purpose by the Founders (and maybe several other Vorta along with her) and that it is not a normal part of the Vorta "recipe" in the Dominion." ([COLOR=#006cb0]AOL chat[/COLOR], [COLOR=#006cb0]1998[/COLOR])
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