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My review...

Season 6

I saw all of season 6 earlier this week. I didn't know much going in except that Edward James Olmos was in it. I heard that he was playing yet another serial killer and my only thought was... Ugh. It sounded like more of the same. When I began watching though, I left that mindset behind and enjoyed the show. It was entertaining all the way through with a lot of ups and downs.

- This season made excellent use of the secondary characters, moreso than previous seasons did. It felt like everyone had a story and a purpose. Even HeadHarry seemed more relevant, given what was going on with Travis and Gellar.

- I've warmed up to Quinn sufficiently enough that I didn't mind his antics and even found them amusing.

- I didn't like the new guy at first with his condescending nitpicky tone, but I can see myself warming up to him the way I did with Quinn. A little of that happened already over the course of the season. Regardless of how I feel about him, he is an interesting character.

- This show is very predictable but I never once suspected that Gellar was all in Travis' mind and when I saw Gellar in the freezer, it took me a second or two to figure out what was going on. It was a total surprise and I don't mind being called an idiot for not figuring it out because I feel like one. Seems like everyone saw it coming but me. I wasn't paying attention to any of the clues and had no reason to.

- I too was hoping for a better sendoff for Olmos. He had his last scene, then he was just gone. Makes sense, but still...

- I wish Dexter didn't have a kid. And what happened to the old babysitter anyway?

- Dexter has gotten sloppy this season. Really sloppy. Harry's code looked like it was pretty much thrown out the window with Dex killing indiscriminately and in the open, along with leaving evidence all over the place. What I found most careless was him sending Travis a video message. He's leaving a pretty big record right there for anyone to find. And to top it all off, he sets up a half-assed kill room right in the church that's part of an investigation. No wonder he got caught.

- Dexter is supposed to be going after bad guys who escaped justice, but the whole season was about him going after someone the police were onto anyway. Good for the police for finally being on the ball, but what a bad move for Dexter for taking on this case and interfereing. The thing I liked least about his interference was that he prevented Gellar's good name from being cleared. From what I got, he was cleared, but the police were still left to believe that he was involved with Travis for a while.

- The season started off with Dexter taking down two paramedics involved with organ harvesting. Funny because over the last few months, I thought it would be nice to see a season-long arc involving someone who harvests organs.

- Speaking of love interests, Deb being in love with her brother has my interest and I can't wait to see that play out.

- The season's cliffhanger was quite a shocker. I may even start watching live because I'm anxious to see how this all goes down.

Looking forward to season 7.

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Why happened to Cody and Astor? Why haven't they moved back in with Dexter by now? Season 6 makes it look like they never existed.
Because people bitched about Rita and the kids... so they got their wish.
Really? Never knew that. I wonder if we'll see them again. I'm interested in their relationship with Dexter. Did he even have a chance to adopt them?

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Dexter doesn't want to be with any woman sexually.
Something that was pretty much dropped after season 1.

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Anyway, I enjoyed this season but they really have to shake [the series] up and fast. Deb should walk in on Dex killing Tom Hanks Jr during the finale and if that doesn't happen, it should happen immediately next season.
Wow! You really nailed that one.
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