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Re: Malcolm Reynolds = Han Solo?

Yes, of course.

But why do people think this was a good thing?

One of the many writing flaws in Star Wars was the easy way a hardbitten rogue like Han Solo falls in love with a dewy male ingenue and a disdainful princess. The kind of guy who shoots first is going to shoot those absurd relationships in the gut real fast.

As for Mal Reynolds, one of the most important things about him is that he refuses to quit running. Since we have no idea whether he has a home or family, or how they were lost if he doesn't, or, worst of all, whether he lost anything he really wanted in the first place, we don't actually know anything about the man. And since we don't know anything about the Alliance, the war or the Independents, we don't know anything about his politics. It is self delusion to think we know anything about this character.
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