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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

St. William of Levittown wrote: View Post
It's been suggested that Denzel Washington would be good as Tuvok's father....
Has Tuvok's father ever been a character in the books though? No point casting for a character that hasn't been written.

On the other hand, there's a supporting actor in Merlin who I swear is Tuvok's son ( Elieth? ) to a tee. Every time I see I just refer to him as Tuvok's son. His name is Adetomiwa Edun (

Sci wrote: View Post
The problem with both Alberta Watson and Melinda Clarke as L'Haan is that A Time to Kill/Heal explicitly establishes that L'Haan has dark brown skin -- she's a "black" Vulcan.
I thought I had a vague idea of that being the case, but I couldn't pin down where the information might have been established. Thanks.

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