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Just south of Stockholm, Sweden. 70% of the population in this city is middle eastern. (Irani, Iraqi, Syrian, Assyrian.)
And what has caused this spite, apart form some people having specific dietary needs? Just curious.
This isn't the only reason tension has escalated over here, but its a good example. There's this store where i live. Two brothers own it. One of then is the nicest bloke you can imagine. But for some reason the other one took over maybe a year or so ago. Now he refuses to sell anything that's not middle eastern. In me neighborhood its actually pretty close to 50-50 in terms of nationality so this pissed off some swedes/europeans. Eventually it went so far that the bloke has milk, bread and all that written in arabic. The place looks like it was removed from Baghdad, put in a box, shipped to sweden and unboxed here. So unless you can read arabic you dont even know whats in the bloody cans, bottles or bags.

Since its the only store in the neighborhood i asked him once if he could start selling some non middle eastern products a well. Like swedish milk for instance. Then he gave me an earful how he wont support countries who ally themselves with those infidel americans and those cowardly brits. That they had destroyed his homeland without provocation, that their soldiers had killed children and all those lovely war crimes he could think of. He basically said to me face that he hates swedes.

I mean, yeah sure, war is messy. Shit happens, I'm sure. But he made it sound like the yanks and brits were aiming at kids deliberately. Safe to say that i kind of blew on him. Its not enough that me girlfriend is (half) british, i had a friend who was a US Marine and gave his life over there in that bloody desert. I refused to stand by while he spoke ill of him.

I mean, he doesn't support a country who allies itself with the yanks and the brits? Fine, don't support them. Then you can go home. These things rile me up so badly. Me own parents came to this country. The swedes were kind enough to let people like me parents into this country, and now, these types just throw it back in their faces? No wonder immigrants have such a bad reputation.

But even after this, don't get me wrong, one of me best mates is both syrian and muslim. Hell, one of his uncles is even in the bloody mafia. I'm not a racist, despite the fact the some may see me views as such. As far as I'm concerned, if you come here and behave and try to better this society, i have no problems with you. But if you abuse what you've been given by trying to undermine everything the swedes have been trying to build. Then as far as I'm concerned, you can go back home.

There's one problem i have with swedes, they don't stand up for themselves. You take poland, serbia, hungary for instance. They raise the gas prices a few cents, and there are demonstrations on the streets against the government. What do the swedes do? They say; "Of well, I don't like it, but I'd better live with it. Its better not to make a fuss."

End rant.

ares93, over and out.
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