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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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I honestly took it to be a throwaway line from Harmony...never put too much thought into actually. If it was an attempt to retcon...well I dunno. We really don't know what he truly intended "Twilight" to be or who was going to be allowed in. Given the source of who said it I kind of didn't think it important to dwell on since Harmony says a bunch of stuff.
Harmony was just suggesting what he might try to claim he wanted to do, but Angel started saying "But that is what I was going to..."

It does fit as what he probably originally intended with the Twilight plan (since he thought he was "saving the world") and it would be in character for him (he has taken upon himself to decide who's worth saving and who isn't before - think of the lawyers in "Reunion" and Lindsey in NFA) and would explain why he didn't seem concerned about Connor - he thought Connor would be safe. But it doesn't fit with his behavior in #35 unless he considered Willow, Giles, Xander, Dawn, Faith and the rest of the Slayers unworthy of being saved - he didn't seem concerned with helping them at all until Buffy refused to stay in the Twilight dimension.
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